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 Repentance Supplication

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PostSubject: Repentance Supplication   Repentance Supplication Icon_minitimeSun Jun 19, 2011 6:29 am

Repentance Supplication Beautifulmansupplicating

For this secret I make supplication
in times of ease and times of difficulty.
I am a slave whose pride
is in his servitude and obligation to You, O Almighty!

I beseech You, O Lord, in the name of Your Honor and my ignominy that You have mercy on me.

I beseech You in the name of Your Strength and my weaknesses,
Your Self-sufficiency and my dependence.

To you I submit my sinning, guilty forelock.

You have many slaves apart from me, but I have no Master save you.

There is o't any refuge but with You nor escape from You except to You.

I plead You, O Lord, in the manner of the pleading of a destitute,
and entreat You in the manner of a broken, downtrodden Man.

I beseech You in the manner of a blind man in fear.

This is a supplication, O Lord, from one whose head is bowed down before your Majesty,
whose nose is in the dust,
whose eyes are filled with tears,
and whose heart has submitted."

"O my Lord!
Have mercy upon him who has no one to show Mercy save You,
no Helper save you,
no refuge save You,
no Savior save You.

I am Your slave,
in need of You,
dependent on You,
beggar at Your door.

You are the refuge.
With You is the shelter.
There is refuge but with You,
nor escape from You except to You.
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Repentance Supplication
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