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 The Fiqh of Marriage

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PostSubject: The Fiqh of Marriage   Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:07 am

The Fiqh of Marriage

This course is based on the course "Family Law I" offered by the American Open University ( I have taken liberties, added some sections and omitted some sections. I highly recommend this course for any who would like to officially register and take the course for credit. The course material is written by Jamal Zarabozo and is excellent. Follow the links below for the individual chapters:

1. Introduction to the Fiqh of Marriage

2. Marriage: Goals, Purpose and Definition

3. Who is One Allowed to Marry?

4. Qualities to Look For in a Spouse

5. The Marriage Contract

6. The Dowry

7. Announcement, Feast & Coming Together

8. Rights of Husband & Wife

Rights of the Wife Over the Husband
Rights of the Husband Over the Wife

9. Nushooz (Marital Discord)

10. Dissolution of Marriage in the Shari'a

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The Fiqh of Marriage
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