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 Prophet Muhammad Supplication at Taif

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Prophet Muhammad Supplication at Taif  Empty
PostSubject: Prophet Muhammad Supplication at Taif    Prophet Muhammad Supplication at Taif  Icon_minitimeSun Jun 26, 2011 6:25 am

When the Prophet, pbuh, went to Ta'ef to call its people to Allah, children called him crazy. They ran after him stoning him till he started to bleed. Below was his supplication then.

In the light of all the plights, tumult, and the oppression that is happening in the world today, I think we are in dire need to repeat it too:

"Oh, Allah, I appeal to you due to my weakness and my helplessness,
and the humiliation people subject me to.

Oh most Merciful of all the Merciful ones,
You are the Lord of the oppressed, and you are my Lord.
To whose care are you leaving me?
To a stranger oppressing me?
Or to a foe you have given control of my affair?
If there is no anger from You on me, I do not mind any suffering.
Your blessing is vaster than my shortcomings.

I seek refuge in the Glory of Your Light,
through which darknesses lightens,
and by which matters in this world and the world to come are set aright,
from the befalling of Your anger,
or the descendence of your displeasure.

To you is the supplication until you are pleased,
and there is no might nor power except by You."

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Prophet Muhammad Supplication at Taif
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