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 Some Reasons Why the Qur'an Is a Revelation from God

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Some Reasons Why the Qur'an Is a Revelation from God Empty
PostSubject: Some Reasons Why the Qur'an Is a Revelation from God   Some Reasons Why the Qur'an Is a Revelation from God Icon_minitimeFri Dec 28, 2012 3:24 am

A reason that is much more important than even the issue of scientific miracles that is controversial is that the Qur'an contains several ayat in which Allah (SwT) admoishes the Prophet, pbuh, and it is not at all reasonable that a man who claimed Prophethood and asked people to follow him would compose about himself verses in which Allah admonishes him. This shows that he had no control at all about these revelations and he had to convey them as is. He could not conceal anything from them no matter how difficult they were.

Examples of these ayat are:

He [The Prophet, pbuh] frowned and turned away,

because the blind man came to him.

And how would you know? Perhaps he would cleanse himself,

or be admonished and so the reminder might benefit him.

But as for the one [who thinks himself] self-sufficient,

to him you [do] attend;

yet it is not your concern if he does not cleanse himself.

But as for him who comes to you hurrying


to him you pay no heed.

"[And remember, O Muhammad] when you said to the one whom Allah has bestowed favour upon and you bestowed favour upon, 'keep your wife and fear Allah', and you concealed within yourself what Allah was to disclose. And you feared people while Allah is more entitled to be feared …" [33: 37]

O Prophet! Why do you prohibit what God has made lawful for you, seeking to please your wives?

And if their aversion is grievous [i.e. their opposition to him] and for you [O Muhammad], then, if you can, seek out a hole in the earth, or a ladder to heaven, that you may bring them a sign [then do], but had God willed, He would have gathered them together in guidance, so do not be among the ignorant.

In addition, Allah in the Qur'an also says,

And had he [Muhammad] fabricated any lies against Us,

We would have assuredly seized him by the Right Hand,

then We would have assuredly severed his life-artery,

and not one of you could have defended him.

The other possibility if the possibility that the Qur'an was authored by the Prophet, pbuh, is that it is a devilish composition, and this is again not possible as the devil cannot compose or inspire a book which calls for taking him as a manifest foe repeatedly in its chapters and seeking refuge with God from.

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Some Reasons Why the Qur'an Is a Revelation from God
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