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 Ghusl (The Ritual Bath)

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PostSubject: Ghusl (The Ritual Bath)   Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:45 pm


I have a question regarding what is the least one should do after being with their wife (regarding purification). And what is the best one can do. Can you answer this question for both the husband and wife.


1. If intercourse or ejaculation takes place, a purificatory bath (ghusl) is required.
2. If there is direct (skin-to-skin) contact of the erect male organ with the female front private parts, then ritual ablution (wudu) is required, if neither intercourse or ejaculation took
3. It is recommended, but not obligatory, to make wudu when there is any physical contact
with someone of the opposite sex (before praying, touching the Qur’an, or the like),
because this is obligatory in some schools.

As for the fiqh of purificatory baths (ghusl):

`Ala’ al-Din `Abidin said in his al-Hadiyya al-`Ala’iyya:

The Purificatory Bath (Ghusl)

The obligatory actions of the purificatory bath are:

(1) To rinse out the mouth and

(2) nose, and

(3) to wash the entire body, including all that is possible to wash without undue hardship.

It is not necessary for a woman to undo her braids, if the water reaches the roots of her hair, (f: and it is not necessary that the water reach all her braided hair).

It is necessary, however for a man who had braids to undo them (f: to ensure that the water reach every single hair).

Its confirmed sunnas are:

(1) To begin by saying Bismillah (‘In the name of Allah’) before revealing one’s nakedness (`awra), and with an intention of getting purified from impurity resulting from ... (you name

(2) To begin by washing one’s hand, private parts, and any filth (najasa) that may be on the

(3) Then one washes both private parts, even if they are free of filth.

(4) Then one performs a complete ablution.

(5) Then one pours water on one’s body three times, making sure the entire body is washed
each time.

(6) One begins with the head, then the right shoulder, then the left, and then the rest of the
body. One wipes with the first washing.

(7) The body parts should be washed successively (without excessive intervals).
Unlike the ablution, it is valid to wash a body part with the water used in washing another, as long as it is enough to drip.

If one submerges oneself in flowing water, or moves in a large body of still water, it is considered that all the sunna acts were performed.

This link also gives some guidelines of Ghusl or the ritual bath according to the Hanafi school of jurisprudence:

The Fiqh of Wosrhip: Ghusl by Dr. Ibrahim Dermali:
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Ghusl (The Ritual Bath)
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