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~Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem~ Salam Alaikum, Welcome sisters and brothers, Muslim and Non-Muslim friends! Come learn and share with us.

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 Only so pleased to help :-).

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PostSubject: Only so pleased to help :-).   Fri Jul 15, 2011 4:05 am

Dear sisters and brothers,

I was told by some revert friends that raised Muslims in their areas are not giving them the necessary welcome.

One of these friends said, "some Muslims are weary of reverts, based off bad experiences or stories they may have heard. The main one I hear is the revert converting purely just to get married, then leaving Islam later, leaving behind usually broken marriages, involving children etc. This is very sad yet very common." However, the result is that the reverts that are genuine feel excluded from the “Muslim circle.”

It is really so sad for me to find that this is the attitude that reverts find from born Muslims. Someone once told me that she used to go home and cry and cry after returning from the mosque because other born Muslims there who know Arabic used to tell her that there is no way for the non-Arabic speaker reverts to learn what the Qur'an really says. This made me both sad and furious. I wanted to tell these people, "what on earth is your role then? Instead of helping them understand, you are making them feel inferior and desperate?"

As far as I am concerned, I always feel I want to tightly hug all revert sisters, and I feel it is our duty to take them by the hand to learn more and more about Islam -- and not in a patronizing manner. We should also provide all the moral support we can because most of these reverts face the abandonment of their families and many of them cause them a lot of problems. Accordingly, they face the triple trial of trying to adjust to the new religion and learn a lot of things, stand up to the attitude of their families while trying still to keep amicable relations with them in accordance with Islamic instructions, as well as cope with the attitude of born Muslims.

I personally RESPECT and LOVE reverts more because these people are ones who CHOSE Islam by their own free will; they sought the right path and are bearing up with trouble for Allah's sake, unlike born Muslims who follow the religion of their families.

I want to post this message everywhere and to call on all born Muslims to fully integrate, love, and support reverts. NOT ONLY THAT, they should show them mercy and patience. They will need a transitional period of training and adapting to the stipulations of the new religion, so we should expect that they will fall short of many things in the beginning. THEY NEED TIME.

We must credit them for taking the step and facing the challenge and be patient and somewhat flexible with them until they assimilate everything gradually and stick to it. We can never expect them to do everything at once.

Please consider me your sister and friend who will never spare any effort to advise and guide you in your faith journey and do anything I can. You can contact me at

If you reverted any time since 2008, please come and join our family on Facebook:

May first advise to you is to read this article in which I tackle a crucial issue that new Muslims need to know:

All the best. May Allah bless you all.
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Only so pleased to help :-).
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