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 An Introduction to Quranic and Classical Arabic

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PostSubject: An Introduction to Quranic and Classical Arabic   Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:55 am

An Introduction to Koranic and Classical Arabic is an elementary-level grammar of standard classical Arabic, the literary norm of the Arabic language that has not changed appreciably in fourteen hundred years. An indispensable tool for all who are interested in Islamic religion, science, and literature, the language presented in this book will enable the learner to study firsthand the primary sources of Islamic civilization and the classics of the Islamic Near East. The grammar is presented clearly and in a logical progression amply illustrated by examples, most of which, along with the readings, have been taken directly from the text of the Koran and the body of hadith (the reports of Muhammad{SAW}'s sayings) and supplemented with extracts from other classical sources.

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An Introduction to Quranic and Classical Arabic
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