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 Taleemul Haq (Teachings of Islam)

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Taleemul Haq (Teachings of Islam) Empty
PostSubject: Taleemul Haq (Teachings of Islam)   Taleemul Haq (Teachings of Islam) Icon_minitimeSun Aug 14, 2011 7:39 pm

Taleemul Haq (Teachings of Islam)

This is an essential book to learn about the pillars of Islam and much more.

The book is now concise, informative, and perhaps most important of all, enlightening.

The text is more fluid and readily understood, such as the use of numbers, titles and subtitles, and minor textual rearrangements, including helpful weblinks. Finally we have provided the reader with transliteration of the Duuas (supplications) and Quranic verses in Arabic, thereby accommodating those unable to read Arabic text. We can only hope that what we have done will prove to be useful to the reader in his or her study of this book.

You can also download a free PDF version book from the The Islamic Bulletin website at under free e-books.

May Allah, accept this effort and lead us by means of it to the Way of His Pleasure. Ameen.

The Islamic Bulletin
PO Box 410186
San Francisco, CA 94141-1086

Download the Book here:
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Taleemul Haq (Teachings of Islam)
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