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 Sajdat Al Tilawa (Prostration of Recitation)

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PostSubject: Sajdat Al Tilawa (Prostration of Recitation)   Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:27 am

Sajdat Al Tilawa (Prostration of Recitation)

During the recitation of the Qur'an there are fifteen places where, when Muhammad recited a certain ayah (verse), he prostrated to God. Whenever Muslims recites any of these fourteen verses (indicated with ۩ in most copies of the Qur'an), they may also prostrate in order to follow the Sunnah (example) of Muhammad.

These are fourteen/fifteen occurrences in the Qur'an where the prostration of recitation (Sajda Tilawah) should be done. Two of them are in surat Al Hajj.


What is the proper method for doing the sajda tilawah outside of the prayer? Does one say Allahu akbar when going down for sajda? If so, does one raise his hands as the beginning of the salat? Does one make tasleem as at the end?


AL-Salam alaykum
One says Allahu Akbar and goes into sajdah. Thereafter he says Allahu akbar again and rises from sajdah. There is no taslimah at the end.

Answered by Shaykh Abu Usamah

Places of Sajda Tilawa (Hanafi)

1. Surah Al A'Raf (7) Ayat 206
2. Surah Al Ra'd (13) Ayat 15
3. Surah Al Nahl (16) Ayat 50
4. Surah Bani Israil (17) Ayat 109
5. Surah Maryum (19) Ayat 58
6. Surah Al Haj (22) Ayat 18
7. Surah Al Farqan (25) Ayat 60
8. Surah Al Naml (27) Ayat 26
9. Surah As Sajdah (32) Ayat 15
10. Surah Sa'd (38) Ayat 24 (Hanafi)
11. Surah Hamim Sajdah (41) Ayat 38
12. Surah Al Najam (53) Ayat 62
13. Surah Inshiqaq (84) Ayat 21
14. Surah Al Alaq (96) Ayat 19

For Shaffii they have the following Sajda Tilawa instead of #10
Surah Al Haj (22) Ayat 77 (Shafi)


What is Required for the Sujood of Recital?

- The majority of the scholars consider the sujood of recital a type of prayer which thus requires
for its validity the fulfillment of the conditions of validity of the prayers in general.

- Others, including Imam ash-Shawkani in his "Nayl al-Awtar", argued that there is no evidence
wudu' is required. He quoted a report by (B) from Ibn 'Omar that he performed it without

It seems that the least that may be called a prayer is one rak'ah, so sujood of recital as well as that of gratefulness may not be a form of prayer that requires wudu'.

One must, however, have his nakedness covered and face the qiblah, and whenever possible have wudu' for maintaining a state of purity is optimal for Muslims who engage almost all the time in thikr, recitation of the Quran, prayers or other acts of worship for which ritual purity is mandatory or at least preferable.

When prostrating, one may say as reported by (M) from 'Aishah:

"سَجَدَ وَجْهِي لِلَّذِي خَلَقَهُ وَصَوَّرَهُ وَشَقَّ سَمْعَهُ وَبَصَرَهُ تَبَارَكَ الله أَحْسَنُ الْخَالِقِينَ."

"When the Prophet made the sajdah of the Quran recital, he would say, 'I have prostrated my face to the One Who created it and brought forth its hearing and vision. Blessed is Allah, the best of Creators."

Question Regarding Sajda Tilawa

Sajda Tilawat

By:Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q. 1) If the Ayat of Sajjda is heard while listening to Tape/Radio, is it necessary to perform the Sajjda Tilawat?

A. 1) If the Aayat of Sajdah is heard on tape recorder or played on radio, Sajda Tilaawat is not necessary. If the recitation is live on Radio, Sajda Tilawat is necessary.

Q. 2) During the month of Ramadan the mosque speakers are used in the Taraweeh. The voice is also heard outside the mosque. As the whole Quran is recited in the Taraweeh and obviously Ayaat of Sajjda are also recited. Now a person sitting at his home hears those Ayaat, is he going to perform those Sajjda Tilawat?

A. 2) Yes.

Q. 3) What is the correct way to do Sajda Tilawat? Do we need to say Takbir and give salam to both sides like in salat?

A.) Sajda-e-Tilawat is simply to make sajda by saying Allahu-Akbar, going into sajda, and reciting three times 'Subhaana rabbi-al a'alaa'. There is no need to stand or even raise the hands, as one would do when commencing Salat. There is also no salam on any side after making the sajda. And Allah Knows Best.

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Sajdat Al Tilawa (Prostration of Recitation)
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