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 Seeking Forgiveness of Every Sin and Negligence

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PostSubject: Seeking Forgiveness of Every Sin and Negligence   Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:03 pm

Oh Allah!

I seek your forgiveness of any sin,
Any sin I stepped towards with my feet ..
Or extended my hand to ..
Or viewed with my eyes ..
Or listened to with my ears ..
Or uttered with my tongue ..
Or through which I misused Your daily provision,
Whereupon I asked You for more,
despite my disobedience,
and You did provide more.

Then, I used Your provision in disobedience,
and You did not make my sins known.
And I asked for more,
And You did not deny me.

And still You are showering me
with Your Forbearance and Benevolence,
O Most Gracious!

O Allah! I seek Your forgiveness of every sin I committed
in the clear daylight or the darkness of night,
in public or in seclusion,
secretly or openly,
while You were watching me.

O Allah! I seek Your forgiveness for leaving out
any mandatory morning or night act of worship
mistakenly or deliberately,
out of forgetfulness or of ignorance.

And I seek Your forgiveness for leaving out
any of the optional sunnah worship acts enjoined by
the best of Messengers and seal of Prophets,
Sayyidina Muhammad, salla allahu alaihi wa sallam,
out of inadvertence, inattentiveness,
forgetfulness, carelessness, ignorance or heedlessness.

I seek Allah's forgiveness, and I repent to Him
of anything I did that displeases Him:
in words or in action,
in secret or in public.
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Seeking Forgiveness of Every Sin and Negligence
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