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 Happy New Hijri Year!

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PostSubject: Happy New Hijri Year!   Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:46 pm

O Allah!

For our honour, it is enough that we are Your servants.

For our grace, it is enough that You are our Lord.

In Your Might, Majesty, Mercy, Justice, Transcendence, Closeness, Compassion, Love, ... everything, You are exactly the same as what we expect our Lord to be.

We beseech You to help us and bless our striving to be just a bit of what You want us to be.

We beseech you to send your peace and blessings on our beloved Prophet, Muhammad, the best of your creatures and the seal of your Prophets.

A new year is ahead of us in shaa Allah ...

May Allah help us get closer to Him by following the Sunnah of His beloved Muhammad, pbuh.

May the light of Islam consumes more and more the darkness in many places of the world.

May its blessings encapsulate many more lost souls.

May we all be better models to defeat the world's misconceptions about Islam.

Happy New Hijri year everyone!
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Happy New Hijri Year!
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