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 Online Qur'an Translations

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PostSubject: Online Qur'an Translations   Online Qur'an Translations Icon_minitimeWed Aug 10, 2011 4:55 am

Qur'an Translations

The following website is very useful. They are uploading many of the modern Qur'an translations as well as old ones. It contains some of the bad ones though.

Among the translations that can be checked are:, Arthur John Arberry, Muhammad Asad, Muhammad Taqi Usmani, Ali Ünal, Aisha Bewley.​ra=56&aya=1&trans=en-yusuf_ali​,en-arthur_arberry,en-aisha_be​wley,en-ali_unal,en-muhammad_a​sad&show=both,quran-uthmani&ve​r=2.00,

There will also be Sahih International, but it seems it has not yet been uploaded.

It is available here though:​b/download/The_Glorious%20Qura​n_Al_Muntada_Alislami.pdf.

The translation I prefer is not here, but I can email it to those interested.
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Online Qur'an Translations
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